The Land Sale TX team stumbled into the Lockhart Animal Shelter for the first time in February of 2022. We knew we’d fall in love with the animals instantly, but we weren’t expecting to be so moved by the incredible programs being run by volunteers to alleviate the over-crowding at the shelter. We couldn’t resist getting more involved in assisting Caldwell County residents access free or discounted services for their pets. Plus, can you guess how long it took for one of our team members to leave the shelter with a new four-legged family member?

The Lockhart Animal Shelter is a city run shelter in Caldwell county that houses 56 dogs/puppies and 24 cats/kittens daily. An average of 180 animals pass through the shelter monthly. These animals come from the City of Lockhart and Caldwell County. The animal shelter is funded through the budgets of the City of Lockhart, Caldwell County, and various donations.

The excitement began with our first visit. We walked all the walkable dogs at the shelter and then our team ran into Suzy Falgout, the CEO of the Caldwell County Animal Coalition (CCACtx). We learned that her nonprofit organization offers discounted spay/neuter clinics for the pets of Caldwell County residents at extremely discounted pricing. Spaying/Neutering pets is the #1 factor in reducing the overpopulation and crowding of city shelters. The trouble is that a spay/neuter procedure runs around $400 at a local vet’s office, but at these discounted clinics, a pet owner can get their dog/cat spayed or neutered, microchipped, a lifetime city tag, nail clipping, ear cleaning & any vaccines to get the animal up-to-date all or just $60! It’s a win all around, not just for the pet owners, but the shelters and even other non-pet owning county residents as animal control is part of city budgets. As of mid-April of 2022, CCACtx had provided low-cost spay/neutering to over 200 owned animals in Caldwell County and TNR-ed over 100 feral cats in the Caldwell community.

We were very moved by their efforts and made a sponsorship donation on the spot so that the CCACtx could launch signups for another clinic ASAP. Our first clinic was held in April 2022 at the shelter and served 26 dogs and 24 cats. Each pet left with a Land Sale TX Recovery bag filled with treats and toys. We’re currently working to schedule another Land Sale TX sponsored clinic this summer.

The excitement continued the next time we headed to the shelter to walk the dogs. Immediately after walking all of the dogs, our team member, Jordan, left with a new addition to her family. Meet “Churro” (pictured below on the right). Yep, it only took two visits for someone on our team to have their heart stolen by one of the amazing, adoptable animals.

Incredibly, for the last several years, the shelter has been able to maintain a no-kill status, which means that 90% of the animals that come thru their doors leave the shelter healthy. Unfortunately, the “code-red” overcrowding that’s been plaguing all of the Central TX shelters this year recently resulted in the euthanization of 14 dogs in June and the subsequent heartbreak of the Lockhart Animal Shelter’s staff and volunteers.

How Can We Help Prevent This?

Adopt, don’t shop! If you’re considering adopting, check out the available dogs and cats at the Lockhart Animal Shelter.

Responsible pet ownership including, but not limited to, spaying and neutering pets, securing homes and yards (repairing fences, working latches, etc.) and ensuring pets can be found if they do escape (collar with up to date tags and mircochipping).

If you’re a Caldwell county resident, stay tuned for upcoming CCACtx spay/neuter clinic. Or, if you or your company would like to help sponsor a clinic, learn more here.

Another great way to support the efforts at the Lockhart shelter is by making a donation to or volunteering with Take Me Home: Advocates for Transport. Their mission is to “eliminate euthanasia due to lack of space by raising funds to transport dogs from over-crowded shelters to no-kill shelters that have adoption wait lists. Pulling dogs from local rural shelters and arranging for their transport is the only way some rural shelters can stay ahead of the number of dogs that come in daily. It gives the dogs a second chance at life and provides loving families with a wonderful companion. There are places in the United States that have a shortage of adoptable dogs so we are filling two needs by easing overcrowding in Southern shelters and furnishing great dogs to adoptive families.”

We look forward to continuing our volunteer work with the Lockhart Animal Shelter and the programs that support it, as well as, other shelters in the five central TX counties we serve. If you’d like to learn more or could use some helping hands at your Central TX nonprofit, please contact us below.

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