What Are the Benefits to You?

No Agent Commissions, Title, Escrow or Closing Costs

You won’t pay any agent commissions, which can save you thousands of dollars. If you are currently working with a realtor that’s okay, because we can work directly with them as well. Plus, we’ll pay the title, escrow and closing costs!

Fair and
Reasonable Offer

Our offer to buy your land is simply based on comparable sales of other land in the area. We firmly believe in Karma and it’s important to us that both parties get a fair deal.

Efficient Closings

You don’t have to worry about us getting financing approval to buy your land. We are privately funded and we do not use bank loans, which can slow down the closing time.

Closing Time

Your closing should move seamlessly as we do not have to wait for bank financing. We can usually close on your timeframe and make the transaction as smooth as possible for you.

Liens, Taxes, and Judgments

You could save thousands of dollars by successfully negotiating and paying down liens, back taxes, and judgments. We saved one property owner over $16,300 from a judgement attached to his property!

Creative Selling

Are you interested in selling your land, but you don’t want the heavy tax burden from the IRS? We can help with creative solutions such as seller financing options and 1031 Exchanges.*

*Please note that we are NOT licensed CPAs or Tax Professionals. There are many ways to honestly, ethically, and creatively defer property taxes which the IRS promotes and allows. We can provide creative solutions, but we ALWAYS recommend you get advice from your CPA and Professional Tax Advisor.

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