Is ag exemption guaranteed? If you are purchasing a property that currently has agricultural exemption on it, some people believe yes but actually, no that’s not the case. This is the caveat when purchasing land that has ag exemption.

We’re currently finding this out the hard way right now. We purchased a little over 100 acres in Bastrop county that had ag exemption, but specifically the wildlife exemption, the 1-d-w wildlife exemption. We did not touch the property. We hired the exact same gentleman that was maintaining the bird keepers in order to maintain the wildlife exemption. We submitted our applications to Bastrop county and they actually denied our request saying that it did not qualify to continue the 1-d-w wildlife exemption.

Typically speaking, when a property is taken out of agricultural use, it’s because the use of the property changes in order to be developed commercially. Again, we did not touch the property. All we did was purchase it and then apply for the continuation of the ag exemption, the wildlife exemption specifically. So, I wanted to discuss this with you because this is not a guarantee. So, whenever you’re purchasing a property, this should be a caveat and you should always consult with your attorney and your CPA and speak with the county that you are purchasing property in. This definitely was a curveball for us and we are actually appealing it with an attorney to fight this right now. Because, again, we didn’t touch the property after purchasing it. We think it’s unfair that they denied our request.

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